Working Copy

I’m currently travelling across Europe with my family, and before leaving I had to decide what technology to bring with me. I wanted to take good photos, but not carry something heavy (iPhone, sorted), and I wanted a machine with me to practice some programming and make updates to this site with. It was a choice between my 13” MacBook Pro, or my 12.9” iPad Pro.

In the end I chose to bring the iPad Pro, along with an Apple Bluetooth keyboard (the old version). While I sacrificed some horsepower (but a surprisingly small delta if I’m honest), flexibility and superior multi-tasking, by choosing the iPad I gained a significant weight saving, (both from the device itself, and the fact that I now only need to travel with one charger for my phone and computer), a more travel friendly setup (think plane/train seat-back tables) and an opportunity to see what can be done on iOS these days in terms of basic development and GitHub management.

The GitHub website is a marvellous thing… on a desktop browser. As such I needed to get a dedicated app to manage my Git repository for this site. I tried a number, but without a shadow of a doubt the most impressive, reliable and delightful is Working Copy by Anders Borum. While others apps that I tried would struggle cloning repositories, fail randomly when pushing or pulling and lacked basic functionality such as the ability to re-name files etc, Working Copy has handled everything I’ve thrown at it for the last two weeks.

With an elegant interface that takes full advantage of the 12.9” iPad Pro’s larger screen real estate, and an editor that didn’t have me pulling my hair in frustration every 30 seconds, it’s been a pleasure to work inside this app. Working Copy is free to try out, and the full feature set can be unlocked with a once off in-app purchase of €16.99. The developer has included a 10 day free trial of the in-app purchase feature set, so you can see if Working Copy is right for you before parting with your cash.

Written on June 13, 2017